I'm Esteban Oloarte

I'm a Mexican American Poet, Philosopher, Pseudologist

Esteban Oloarte is a Mexican-American poet.

He grew up in a trilingual household, having lived in all three North-American countries.


His chapbook, Transitions, was shortlisted for The 2020 Frontier Digital Chapbook Contest, and his poems have appeared in The Michigan Quarterly Review, The Massachusetts Review, and Arc Poetry Magazine.


Transistor is his first book. He currently lives in Mexico City but, like David Lee Roth, can’t wait to get back to the States.


Standardized seriality, so that the man with the flower in his mouth, who lives in the rooming house




Transistor is a transition, a communication,

a sending; it is the cool and sacred bond of everything that unites and uplifts us, but it is also the cause of an underlying and persistent dissent that remains between us and who we thought we were. Transistor veins out from body to body, city to city, each human act.


As the new time is experienced as one of closure, a historical circle, Transistor recycles the biblical in format, semi-prophetic also occasionally in content, and attempts to extend itself into the everywhere and nowhere the new time has (s)placed us into. Transistor is cold, it is hungry, temptuous, perverted; seriously unserious and unforgiveably there, and it is now.


Broadstone Book, 2021

Paperback, 80 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-937968-90-8

Small Press Distribution


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